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Access keys

Access Keys are keyboard shortcuts, intended to help users who have difficulty using pointing devices such as a mouse. This provides an extra way to navigate the site. Access keys are normally selected by pressing 'Alt and the relevant key together followed by the 'Enter' key.

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This website is controlled by a cascading stylesheet. If there is an aspect of the design you would like to change, such as the colours, you may apply your own stylesheet locally in your Internet browser.

Text size

The majority of text throughout this website is resizable. You can normally increase or decrease the text size in your Internet browser settings:

'View' - 'Text Size' - then select the size your require.


The use of javascript is kept to a minimum throughout this website. Where it is in use, alternative methods of navigation are also provided.


Headings are used in this site to give it a defined structure. H1 tags are used for main page titles. H2 tags are used for subtitles etc.


Throughout the website, where possible, fields and objects have been given a description. These include:

  • Alt tags describing the contents of images
  • Summary descriptions for tables

Photos of past productions

2006 Dick Whittington Rehearsals
1993 Oliver
The Dance Off
1971 Aladdin
1996 Sleeping Beauty
Who Killed the Vicar - Rehearsal
Beside the Seaside
Franky Panky Reheasal
The End of the Pier Show
1982 Cocktails for You
Beechy - the man with the marrow
1998 Kytens Live
Sleeping Beauty 6
Jan - refreshments
Franky Panky Reheasal  The cast
Sleeping Beauty 3
2002 The King, The Kipper and the Magic Bush
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